April 27, 2012

Glycemic Issues and Autoimmunity

Is hypoglycemia and/or hyperglycemia an autoimmune condition? One of the fascinating features of your immune system is its capacity to recognize and neutralize the millions of […]
April 18, 2012

Autoimmunity and TH1, TH2 Cells

The immune system is comprised of many different parts, all of which play one or more roles in normal and abnormal immune responses.  Some of these […]
April 9, 2012

Implications for Children: Mothers Who Develop Autoimmune Disease During Pregnancy

A variety of autoimmune disorders occur in women during childbearing years either before, during, or after pregnancy. When the symptoms and diagnosis come during pregnancy, what […]
April 4, 2012
A female doctor talking to a patient

When Do Autoimmune Symptoms Add Up to Lupus?

How does lupus get started? Your immune system’s sole function is to recognize agents that are not you, e.g., bacteria, viruses, fungi, cancer cells, and eliminate […]
April 3, 2012

Thyroid Hormone Deficiency (Hypothyroidism): Treatment and Monitoring

What types of thyroid hormone deficiency are caused by autoimmune disease? Each year, approximately four out of every 1,000 women develop autoimmune hypothyroidism. One type of […]
April 3, 2012
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Steroids as an Ongoing Treatment for Autoimmune Conditions

Steroid therapy for the management of various immune and inflammatory conditions is a tremendous weapon in the fight to control patients’ symptoms, especially those involving pain.  […]
April 2, 2012

Hyperthyroidism: Treatment and Monitoring

What are the thyroid hormones to be treated? An overactive thyroid means that too much thyroid hormone is produced.  The same three hormone groups will be […]