December 18, 2019
Autoimmune Connection

The Autoimmune Connection

Essential Information for Women on Diagnosis, Treatment and Getting on With Your Life In this newly-published revised edition (McGraw-Hill, 2016), women will learn how to sort […]
May 20, 2019

NMU School of Nursing Autoimmunity Symposium

Race for RP is pleased to join with Relapsing Polychondritis Awareness and Support Foundation, American Autoimmune Related Diseases Association (AARDA) and the Allegheny Health Network Autoimmunity […]
March 21, 2019


March is National Autoimmune Disease Awareness Month Awareness campaign to give a voice to those living with autoimmune disease. Detroit, Mich.–Autoimmune Disease Awareness Month (ADAM) takes […]
December 12, 2018
US Capitol

AARDA’s Statement on Medicare Part B & Part D

Administration Proposes Access Barriers to Drugs Critical to Autoimmune Patients Health Proposed Medicare Part D Rule Allows for Step Therapy and Other Restrictions The Centers for […]
November 11, 2018

Michigan Health Insurance Report Card

How do Michigan health insurance plans score when it comes to the restrictions they place on patient access to medicines? Find out in a new report […]
January 26, 2017

AARDA Celebrates 25th Anniversary in New York City

AARDA celebrated its 25th Anniversary in New York style. An anonymous donor sponsored a 6-course gala celebration at Bouley Botanical.
September 1, 2016

September 2016 Hero – NCAPG

AARDA honors the 39 autoimmune disease-specific patient groups who comprise the National Coalition of Autoimmune Patient Groups (NCAPG) as September 2016's #AutoimmuneHeroes
March 25, 2015

The State of Autoimmune Disease: A National Summit Report Released

“New Trends in Autoimmunity for Patients, Researchers and the American Public” highlights from “The State of Autoimmune Disease: A National Summit’ held on March 23, 2015 at […]