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With so many people suffering from autoimmune disease, many are depending on your efforts. AARDA has introduced a Grassroots Fundraising Campaign designed to put the power of fundraising back into your hands. Whatever your interest or hobby, turn it into research dollars.

Read about our fantastic volunteer fundraisers here! There’s a wealth of ideas from the last couple of years that you could duplicate!  Just click the newsletter links below or read our Featured Fundraiser profiles.

Winter 2019

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Summer 2019

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Spring 2019

Featured Fundraiser:  Brian Goldstein

A few years back, Brian Goldstein held his first “Community for Autoimmunity” event in Pennsylvania.  It was so successful, he wanted to do an encore.  But, like many autoimmune patients, Brian experienced a flare that put his plans on pause.  He has MS.

This year, Brian was able to resume planning and in November he held his second “Community for Autoimmunity” event at McStew’s Irish Pub in Levittown, PA featuring a number of local bands.  He raised $1,100 and a lot of awareness!

Featured Fundraiser:  Sarah Bowlby

To truffle or not to truffle?  That was the question for Sarah Bowlby, a first-year student at the University of Florida and a member of the Kappa Kappa Gamma sorority.

“I wanted to come up with a fundraiser that would be accessible to college students,” she says.  “By deciding to make truffles, I knew that these treats could be budget-friendly, compactly stored, and easily transported around campus.  At one of our chapter-wide meetings, I spoke about my journey with an autoimmune disease, the impacts of these disorders, and the lack of public awareness about these illnesses.  I presented to (my sorority sisters) the truffle fundraiser idea.  I wanted to make flavors that screamed Fall, such as pumpkin pie and apple pie.  And, I made some dairy- and gluten-free variations so that those with dietary restrictions could be included.

I was absolutely shocked with how receptive my sisters were.  We made over 300 truffles!  Their willingness to donated their time, resources and money exceeded my expectations.  I am eternally grateful that I was able to raise $500 in one week for AARDA, one of the pioneers in the realm of autoimmune disease advocacy and awareness.  With the increase in research and awareness, I believe the future of autoimmune disease (research) is very bright!

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