It's a Great Time to Volunteer and MAKE A DIFFERENCE!

With more than 50 million Americans suffering from autoimmune disease, many are depending on your efforts. AARDA has introduced a Grassroots Fundraising Campaign designed to put the power of fundraising back into your hands. Whatever your interest or hobby, turn it into research dollars.

Read about our fantastic volunteer fundraisers here! There’s a wealth of ideas from the last couple of years that you could duplicate!  Just click the newsletter links below.

Fall 2017

Summer 2017

Spring 2017

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Spring 2015

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Other Volunteer Opportunities

Make an impact on the future of autoimmune disease research, awareness, and education by becoming an AARDA volunteer. Volunteering for AARDA requires only a desire to make a difference and knowledge that every little bit makes a difference. Making a phone call to your legislator, emailing your friends and families about an advocacy issue, or simply stuffing envelopes or taking brochures to your doctor’s office — what ever your task may be — make a difference for AARDA today. Here are a few suggestions on how  you can get involved.

To get involved with AARDA as a volunteer, give us a call at 586-776-3900 or send an email to dpatrick (at)

Education and Awareness

  • Form a patient support group
  • Host an autoimmune diseases health fair
  • Distribute autoimmune disease brochures
  • Join our email list

Advocacy and Awareness

  • Support autoimmune disease legislation
  • Write letter and make phone calls to your Congressional Representatives
  • Join AARDA Facebook, LinkedIn, and YouTube Pages and forward to your friends
  • Join our email list

Administrative Opportunities

  • Live in the Detroit metro area? Join our team of ready volunteers who come into the office to assist with mailings, administrative duties, or special events.

Support Our Efforts

Donate today to help others tomorrow

For more than 25 years AARDA has been the nation’s leading advocate for the millions of people affected by autoimmune diseases. Help us help others.

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