Planned giving means arranging a donation now so AARDA benefits from your kindness during your life — and after you have passed away. Planned giving is a powerful tool to create a legacy and a lasting impact in the fight against autoimmune diseases. An investment in AARDA helps to educate physicians and their patients, thus avoiding the tragically high cost of misdiagnosis.

AARDA arms patients and physicians with time and money-saving knowledge. Your investment increases the development of prevention therapies that cut across many autoimmune diseases. It can help marshal the scattered efforts now underway. Help us reduce the unacceptably high human and financial costs of autoimmune disease.

With your planned gift, you can help AARDA for years to come. AARDA can better advocate for legislative change, increase autoimmune disease awareness, educate the public and elected officials, and facilitate research. AARDA's planned giving options include:

  • Gifts left in your will
  • Life insurance policies
  • Gifts made through retirement plans
  • Memorial gifts for loved ones
  • Bequests; percentage, residual, restricted, or specific dollar amount
  • Trusts; charitable remainder trust, charitable lead trust

There are many ways, and options available to you. Please consult your financial advisor or other professionals when making a decision about the way to make a planned gift. And please contact AARDA at, or call (586) 776-3900 for more information about donating.