Make a Difference: VOLUNTEER!

AARDA appreciates every follower, supporter, donor, and volunteer. Without the support of others AARDA would not be able to work on behalf of everyone impacted by autoimmunity.

As a national organization, our volunteers often work independently, within their local communities or online. The types of volunteering typically fall into one three categories; advocacy, awareness, or fundraising.


Spreading awareness about autoimmunity is one of the AARDA’s main goals. By raising awareness, people can get diagnosed and treated earlier, and more funding can be raised for research.

Volunteers can raise awareness in any number of ways, from registering at a health fair or expo to talk to attendees about autoimmunity, to simply talking about it more in person or online.


Periodically at both the state and federal levels, legislation is proposed that impacts the autoimmune community, for examples please see our advocacy page.

Volunteers can sign up through our VoterVoice portal to get notification when an issue comes up so that they can contact their representatives regarding the issues at hand.


AARDA relies on its grassroots fundraisers to help support and continue our mission. Fundraisers can join or host a walk, add a fundraising aspect to any event, get their coworkers involved with workplace giving, or even host a fundraiser through Facebook.

There are endless possibilities, for more information see our grassroots page, or contact [email protected]

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