Rare Autoimmune Diseases: Individually Rare, Collectively Common
September 30, 2019
Research Roundup
October 16, 2019

“Getting a Proper Diagnosis of an Autoimmune Disease”

Recording & Highlights


Diagnosing autoimmune disease can be extremely difficult. It takes up time, money, and prevents proper treatment intervention.

Recorded on August 28th, 2019 this free webinar, covered tips on getting a proper diagnosis of an autoimmune disease. As well as many resources to help autoimmune disease patients.


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Key Highlights:

  • You are the best expert in yourself
    • Listen and understand what your body needs
    • Set your own health goals
      • In addition to what your doctor’s goals are
    • Take care of your mental health as well
  • Keep track
    • Frequency and severity of your symptoms
      • even after a diagnosis
    • Possibly keep a food diary, goals, habits, etc.
  • Work with your doctor to fight against your disease (don’t fight each other)
    • Like any other relationship work it needs respect and good communication
      • gice it a chance to work, but move on if it doesn’t
    • Get more opinions if you are not satisfied
  • Contact our office if you are seeking more information

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