May 24, 2017

Does AARDA fund research?

YES! For more information on AARDA-funded research, as well as autoimmune disease research in general, please visit our Published Research page.
May 6, 2017

Does AARDA have a newsletter?

Yes! AARDA’sĀ InFocusĀ is our quarterly newsletter. Issues are mailed to subscribers in March, June, September and December. The newsletter is a great way to keep up with […]
April 29, 2017

Is AARDA associated with the government?

AARDA is a private nonprofit organization. It is not associated with any State or Federal governmental agency. AARDA does, however, advocate for passage of legislation important […]
April 29, 2017

How is AARDA funded?

AARDA receives <strong>one hundred percent</strong> of its annual funding requirements from contributions and donations made by people such as yourself. We are proud that AARDA provides […]