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November 2, 2020
INSIGHT: Tim Walbert, CEO of Horizon Therapeutics
November 24, 2020

Thyroid Eye Disease (TED) Awareness Week

AARDA is excited to collaborate with Horizon Therapeutics for TED Awareness Week

This week marks the first Thyroid Eye Disease (TED) Awareness Week. This initiative serves to increase recognition of TED and educate people who are at risk so that they can better recognize the symptoms, know how to find a TED Specialist and feel empowered to get the support and care they deserve.

Randy Rutta, President and CEO of AARDA, sat down for an episode of “TED Today,” an online talk show (8:11), to share valuable tips and resources for people living with TED and their caregivers.

You can learn more about TED Awareness Week and resources to help understand TED at

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