thumbnail of Adolescents-and-Chronic-Illnessthumbnail of Families-Coping-with-Autoimmune-DiseaseWhen you (or a loved one) are diagnosed with a serious autoimmune disease, it is normal to question your well-being and your mental ability to cope with the life changes that are part of living successfully –with any serious chronic illness. We hope that these articles will give you some suggestions that will help manage your illness.


Adolescents and Chronic Illness by Dr. Robert H. Phillips is a great article to help you assist a young person coping with chronic illness.

Families Coping with an Autoimmune Disease by Dr. Robert H. Phillips is an informative article for families to read – whether Mom/Dad or kid(s) suffer from autoimmune disease.

Dr. Robert H. Phillips is the founder and director of the Long Island, NY, Center for Coping.




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