Technology can be a great asset in managing an illness and treatment. The following is a small sampling of apps you can use in order to keep track of things like medication, and pain management. This list is not all inclusive as there are numerous apps available. Please note some apps may require purchase.

AARDA does not endorse any app.
Please note some apps may require purchase. 


Discover the impact of your daily activities on your arthritis pain with TRACK + REACT. Track your nutrition, fitness, sleep, medication and mood and compare it to your arthritis pain in the Arthritis Impact graph.


Track your chronic pain, symptoms, triggers and more to create detailed reports you doctor will love! Recommended by doctors worldwide. As seen in USA Today. Award-winning app! Best App Ever Awards 2013 (Honorable Mention). Winter/Spring 2012 Web Health Award (Winner).


Established in 2010, thousands use Dosecast, the most flexible and easy-to-use app to help you remember to take your medications, vitamins, or birth control pills on time. With Dosecast, you’ll remember to take the right drug, the right way, at the right time, every time.


With help from experts at Johns Hopkins, leading surgeons, and patient advocates, Doctella provides you with innovative tools that will help you become more informed and engaged in your care.
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