AARDA does not have the resources to provide funds for patient or prescription assistance. However, the following are a list of organizations that may be able to provide help. The list provided is not extensive, but is given as a starting point for those looking for resources.

211 United Way


Supported by the United Way Worldwide, 2-1-1 is a toll-free service throughout the United States and some parts of Canada. Local community resource specialists provide confidential referrals and information on local health and human services.

ACR Assistance Program


From the American College of Rheumatology (ACR) a list of prescription assistance programs.

Clara Health


Get Connected to the Right Clinical Trial

Clara is a fast, simple, most patient friendly way to connect autoimmune diseases patients to the newest treatment options.


This website that provides comparison pricing for medications, as well as offering coupons for certain medications.

Healthwell Foundation


HealthWell Foundation is an independent, non-profit organization that provides financial assistance to certain groups of insured patients living with chronic and life-altering illnesses to help them afford their medical treatments.

IG Living

A magazine providing a wealth of information about immune globulin (IG). Their mission is to support the IG community through education, communication and advocacy. Providing information on insurance and insurance issues, education and studies, and legislation IG Living also has an “Ask the Expert” contact form, advocacy information, a blog, and a patient advocate.

My Good Days


My Good Days serves patients struggling with chronic disease, cancer, and other life-altering conditions. They offer progressive assistance programs, offers financial support for patients who cannot afford the medications they desperately need.

National Organization for Rare Disorders

patient services 800-999-6673

The National Organization for Rare Disorders provides a wealth of information about rare diseases, along with information on insurance, advocacy, and events.



NeedyMeds is a national non-profit organization that maintains a website of free information on programs that help people who can’t afford medications and healthcare costs. They provide information on over 9,000 assistance programs, 15,000 free/low-cost/sliding scale clinics and nearly 1,500 drug discount coupons.

Partnership for Prescription Assistance


PPARx is sponsored by America’s pharmaceutical research companies that connect low-income, under-insured, and uninsured individuals to more than 475 public and private patient assistance programs, including 180 programs offered by pharmaceutical companies. If the maker of your prescription is not not listed you can try calling the manufacturer directly.

Patient Advocate Foundation

Co-pay relief program 866-512-3861

PAF provides case managers who negotiate with patients' insurers to resolve coverage and benefits issues. PAF also provides legal counseling and referral services for patients seeking to resolve debt crisis matters, denial of coverage, employment discrimination, or negotiating public assistance support with state and federal agencies.

Prescription Process

A non-branded treatment access resource launched by the Alliance for Patient Access. This website provides patients with information they need to understand what happens from the time a physician writes a script to the time it is dispensed at the pharmacy. It also helps to explain the prescription process and allows you to share your experience with access issues and learn from others, advocate for important legislation, and stay current with the latest news.

The Patient Access Network Foundation


The Patient Access Network (PAN) Foundation helps federally and commercially insured people living with life-threatening, chronic and rare diseases with the out-of-pocket costs for their prescribed medications, through over 50 disease-specific programs.


A comprehensive database of these patient assistance programs, as well as practical tools, news, and articles so that health care professionals and patients can find the information they need.


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